Our Story

We created Womaneze to help women navigate menopause and regain control.

We are two friends who are mothers, professionals, and menopause warriors. During our own journeys, we would have found a platform like Womaneze very helpful. So, we decided to start it ourselves because we wanted to help other women going through menopause.

This platform is dedicated to all of you: our younger sisters, friends, and daughters.

Womaneze was born from the many conversations about the difficulties of going through menopause and the experience of growing older.

We met in the midst of our menopausal change and bonded over our common struggles with hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, and night sweats. To add insult to injury, we were experiencing expanding fat around our middles!

On the Womaneze platform, we share information that is rooted in research from highly credible sources. Specifically, we believe that menopause is a normal stage in a woman’s life. So, it should not be approached as a medical problem. For most of us, it is not!


Our mission is to help women navigate menopause and regain control.


Our values center around inclusivity, acceptance, and community.


Our objective is to create a supportive space where women can help each other.

We want to develop a common language around menopause. We also hope to encourage a change in the way society looks at menopause, and to raise our voices so that we are heard.

We think that the world should see older women for the wise, experienced, and wonderful women they truly are.

We invite you to join Womaneze. You will meet a warm and supportive community. Here, you will find information and help through your own challenges with menopause.

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