We Don’t Age We Sage

Learning in menopause  that we don’t age, we sage— part 2 of Self-Care series

Genuine self-respect, inner pride, and satisfaction come from accomplishing something difficult or learning a new skill. This happens when you feel you have learned a technique or finished a complicated task that you thought were “beyond” your capabilities. It really can be anything!

I know that this is a minuscule achievement in the big scheme of things, but I have a 120-day streak of learning Spanish on my Duolingo app. I am so proud of myself! Although I am sure I won’t be able to have a meaningful conversation with a fast speaking Spaniard, I can still order a coffee and find my way to the train station! That counts for something! Right?

¡Buenas días mis amigas guapas! (Good day my pretty friends. — sounds much better in Spanish!)

Clear the Brain Fog

In menopause, this is even more important because many women experience brain fog and memory problems. The best way to help your tired brain is to exercise it by doing mind workouts. These help build your gray matter into a fitter and more robust “brain muscle.”

Brain fitness sounds much harder than it really is. Your mind will be grateful if you become better at something you really love to do. Attempt a new technique if you like to draw, a new score if you play an instrument, a new pattern if you quilt; anything that takes you to the next level no matter how small the step.

A good workout for your brain can be exploring new ideas or learning a new language. There are many great websites and apps for both.

Science has proven that exercising your brain lowers your risk of dementia and helps you to maintain cognitive abilities. This is a major concern as we age.

Something new to make life fun

It can be really fun to learn a totally new skill. There are so many different things to choose from: You can learn salsa dancing, Tai Chi, take cooking classes or delve into psychology. You can even decide to learn about quantum physics. It is all up to you.

These days, most human knowledge is at your fingertips; all you need is a keyboard. There are free courses on YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, and many other websites and apps. There are instructions and tutorials on every possible subject you can imagine. Try it.

You can also explore the countries you would like to visit and their cultures. The possibilities are endless. Make it something you can truly enjoy.

You certainly don’t have to become a virtuoso in anything if that is not your goal. Just become 1% better at something every day. If you keep this up for 100 days, you will be 100% better than when you started your learning journey.

Younger and healthier brain

This is a self-care routine for your mind and soul. The brain will be younger, healthier, more flexible, and adaptable.

Your measure of achievement is what makes you feel good about yourself, not some arbitrary external measure.

Many women did not let menopause become an obstacle to achieving some amazing things. Become one of them. Life expands proportionately to the courage and joy you choose to live it by.

If you have a secret dream that you have not been able to give voice to, revive and let it flourish. Listen to that inner voice. Don’t measure yourself by anybody’s standards but your own.

This is your time. Fill it with new things, learn, and have fun. We don’t age if we choose to sage.



Learning in the past 6 months

Since we started this journey to create the Womaneze platform and develop the Hot Flash app, we have had to learn many new things every day about the whole process. When we look back, we had no clue how to optimize a blog post SEO’s or that an audit of a website existed!

We knew nothing about social media marketing or what wireframes for a mobile app were. It has been a challenge to understand most of it, especially the technical bits. Today, after just six months, we know so much more and even understand when our IT developers ask us a question, and that is a huge thing for us – two women in their 60s! LOL 😂

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