Fatigue - That Bone Deep Exhaustion

Fatigue – That Bone Deep Exhaustion in Menopause

Fatigue is the feeling that you are never rested and that you lack the energy to perform normal, everyday tasks. This something that almost 75% of women in perimenopause experience. Fatigue is that bone-deep feeling of exhaustion that makes life very difficult.

Insomnia - One of the Most Difficult Symptoms of Menopause


Insomnia is one of the most problematic menopause symptoms. What is it; What causes it; and how can you manage it?

Hot Flashes - Hot Flushes menopause symptom

Hot Flashes – Hot Flushes

If someone tells you that you are just imagining your hot flashes, they are 100% wrong. Hot flashes are very real and can be very uncomfortable.

Postmenopause & The Freedom It Can Bring

Postmenopause & The Freedom It Can Bring

Saying that life is not the same after menopause does not mean that you should fade away onto invisibility and stop being the beautiful vibrant you! On the contrary!

Menopause Can Be A Celebration

Menopause Can Be A Celebration

Definition of menopause – the 365th day after your last period.
This means that you are in menopause for only one day! So, let’s celebrate! All the days after this one day,  you are scientifically considered to be in postmenopause.


Perimenopause Signs – Be prepared

Perimenopause can also bring a new feeling of becoming invisible and even nonessential. Many of us feel that our worth has declined by the mere fact that our children have grown and don’t need us as they used to. We face the challenge of redefining our purpose and goals.

menopause in teh workplace

Talking About Menopause in The Workplace

Let’s face it, men do not have to face as severe a hormonal disruption as menopause in middle age. The workplace until relatively recently has been a male domain and men did not have to deal with menopause.

Talk to your friends in menopause

Talk To Friends About Menopause

Research shows, again and again, that sharing with others reduces stress and anxiety and social connections are the best markers of good health and longevity.

Talking to your children about menopause symptoms

How To Talk To Your Children About Menopause

Arming your children with pre-arranged responses to certain situations helps to give them a sense of control and a feeling that they are providing you with what you need from them.