Our Team

Salma Yassir Photo

Salma Yassir


Hi. I am Salma, and I am a traveler, a writer and a coach. I am also a management professional, a mom of two wonderful sons and a good cook. I love to travel to exciting locations, but also to explore the depths of what motivates and energizes myself and others. When I hit my mid‑fifties, I felt that I needed to live my life more authentically and to really adventure onto new paths. I decided to go back to school and recently spent a year at Harvard earning another graduate degree. It was hard work but also lots of fun to be studying with people half my age and to learn from world‑renowned experts. The tools I learnt helped me and also allow me to help others on their own paths. Womaneze was born because Marijana and I felt that people like us who are going through a major transition in our lives can benefit from joining together to explore how we can live full and exciting lives in our third chapter. Come join us on this adventure!


Marijana Novakovic


Hello, I am Marijana Novakovic. Don’t even try to pronounce it, just call me Marianna. At 60, I am an independent consultant, Executive Coach, ex‑bank COO, HR expert, and a Life Coach. I have many degrees and certifications that hang on my walls, but I am most proud of the four children I raised. I am a dog lover, avid book reader, student of life, a wife of 31 years and a shamanic apprentice.
I am all of that and more, just like all of you reading this. I am a double cancer survivor and a passionate self‑explorer. After surviving a mean menopause, I found my bearing’s. I found my purpose and the motivation to stay young at heart. So, I read, write, travel and seek answers.
Pretty insulted by the invisibility of us women over 50, so I decided to turn it into my mission to create this safe space, together with my friend Salma, for all of us in the same boat. I am very honored to meet you.


Annie Shih


Hi, I am Annie Shih, an engineer, pianist, mother of two teething girls (yikes!), and entrepreneur. I enjoy building products and am greatly motivated by user’s positive feedbacks 🙂 I have built and published ~20 mobile apps in the last 8 years that were used by hundreds of thousands of users. Most recently, I sold an app that I built 2 years ago for my daughter. When I need a break from computers, I play the piano. This helps me relax and recharge for the next challenges ahead. Although I have not yet reached menopause phase, lessons and close experiences from my families taught me how important Womaneze’s mission is. I look forward in making the world a friendlier place for all women who are going through menopause. Prior to joining Womaneze, I worked at Facebook and Fitbit. Very excited about the journey and looking forward to meet you.


Mirjana Beara PhD


I am a professor in Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology; trained at the advanced level of REBT psychotherapy from the Albert Ellis Institute in New York, and in O.L.I. coaching. I am also a certified trainer in adult education and training, with over 20 years of experience.
I specialize in developing human resources and participated in numerous research projects internationally. I am a co-author and trainer in several accredited programs for professional development of employees in education, psychological preventive programs for children and youth, and organizational management.


Najah Zeineddine


I am a Public Health professional with a background in biological sciences, and also experience in Patient Advocacy, Healthcare Policy, and i Research.
My contribution to the Womaneze platform is through an extensive literature review about Menopause, its issues, and potential remedies.
I am currently working as a Freelance Researcher and also with the American University of Beirut around topics related to health policies, such as Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR) policies in the Arab Region, among others.


Vesna Mihajlović


When I decided to study psychology I had a clear vision of helping people develop their abilities and strengths, and achieve their goals. Being able to introduce clients to the world of psychotherapy and witness their transformation is invaluable.
In my counseling practice, I deliver an integrative approach mostly based on transactional analysis.
Currently, I am also working as a content writer and digital marketer, merging my love for psychology with the possibilities the technology provides us with.
I see technology as another channel to connect and support each other through, in an effort to lead happier, more meaningful, and fulfilled lives.


Visnja Sesum


My name is Visnja Sesum I am a photographer specializing in food, portraits, and lifestyle. I graduated from Faculty of Technical Sciences after studying Environmental Protection Engineering, but my love and passion towards photography and art led me to pursuing a career as a professional photographer. Currently living in Novi Sad, Serbia, constantly exploring the art of photography and trying to show the world my perspective of it. You can follow me on Instagram at @visnja_milic_photography


Karen Nawfal

Cartoonist and Animator

Allow me to introduce myself:
I studied Fine Arts and 3D Animation in Paris then moved back home to Lebanon and tried the corporate route, specializing in 3D printing. While it was a valuable experience and taught me a lot about the world of business, I just wasn’t cut out for it. I started drawing again.
Illustrating my everyday life and bringing a bit of humour and creativity back into my life made me quickly realize I had to go back to what I love!
This is when I decided to take the leap and found Karen Comics!
I love drawing (obviously!) pizza and chocolate (currently learning how to share). And one thing I’ve learnt for sure is that if you are truly passionate about something, you can reach the stars (or draw them really close!)


Jelena Jovic

Front-End Developer

Allow me to introduce myself:
I studied Fine Arts and 3D Animation in Paris then moved back home to Lebanon and tried the corporate I’m a front-end developer also very interested in design. I am self-taught in many areas. This has improved my HTML, CSS, and JS skills, as well as my knowledge of design. I am still learning every day in order to stay ahead in developing techniques. I enjoy building beautiful and responsive UIs.
I work on projects as a developer as well as for small agencies.